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The Foghorns video image from Ain't I a Man video shoot
Greetings from The Foghorns (photo Jason Neuerburg)

After 13 years of getting everyone else to write for us, The Foghorns will now host a website. A very very basic website. (To reach us about the website or anything else, email thefoghorns@gmail.com.)

Our Bio:

We should state we are a band on the Knick Knack Records label. You can reach that label here: http://knickknackrecords.com/pages/the-foghorns


For more than a decade, The Foghorns have been presenting their brand of folk blended with punk– playing the streets of Reykjavik Iceland with an acoustic, a bucket and an overcoat, the clubs of Brooklyn with bluegrass backup, the rowdy bars of the Midwest with a screeching hollowbody.

Finally settling in Seattle in 2008, the band found a home with regular gigs at the Comet Tavern, Blue Moon, the Tractor Tavern and Conor Byrne.

Their 2009 release A Diamond as Big as the Motel Six, was featured on KEXP’s Music That Matters. Their follow-up in 2011, To the Stars on the Wings of a Pig, was described by Seattle Weekly as “one of the year’s best albums.”

They released The Sun’s Gotta Shine in 2015. The first single from these albums, “Ain’t I a Man” has been a KEXP Song of the Day, and was featured in the Huffington Post with the following description:

“[The Foghorns] take on the ‘look at me’ America where our most precious, intimate moments are rendered irrelevant, unless photos are posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thankfully, his music has the humility to make it seem like everything’s going to be okay. Listen to The Foghorns and momentarily believe that a decent job is at hand, sexual intimacy lingers just around the corner and movies starring a brooding, indifferent teenager portraying a vampire will cease to exist.”

Members: Bart Cameron, Jason Kopec, Lauren Trew, Ken Nottingham, Colin J Nelson, Matthew Ploszaj and Casey Ruff.

Full article, called “Ain’t I a Man” by Edward Weinman, here:


The video for Ain’t I a Man by The Foghorns (shot by Jason Neuerburg)

And here’s a live video of a random mellow song. There will be a video page elsewhere.

This Christmas All I Want is a Job live at Her Car

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